designing attractive landscapesEmploying the services of a professional landscaping designer can result in several long-term benefits for you and your family. Professional landscaping designers are experts in their field. Landscaping is not a simple matter of heading to the nearest garden supply store and buying whatever “looks good” and placing the plants whimsically around your property.

Landscape design, plant selection, and placement is a science that requires the services of a landscaping designer who understands the regional soil composition, climate and dozens of other considerations that only a professional landscape designer would be aware of.

Landscaping Services Increase Home Values
Your landscape designer will consider many factors: slope, sun exposure, erosion, maintenance costs and rainfall are just a few factors of selecting and placing plants. The expert knowledge incorporated into landscape design creates a project that results in increased home values and decreased utility bills.

The basic rule of thumb for landscape  investments is 5% of the home’s value is spent on landscaping services, resulting in a 15% increase in home value. This is very trues especially in states such as Florida and Texas where the cost of living is increasing day by day.

In other words, the owner of a $200,000 home would spend $10,000 and increase the value of the home by $30,000, for a net profit of $20,000, or, put in another way, a 200% return on a landscape design investment.

Landscape Design Reaps Environmental Benefits
Properly placed and well-maintained landscape buffers prevent erosion, reduce the flow of pollutants into nearby bodies of water and will provide shelter for both the home and local bird populations. While not everyone cares to provide bird feeders, it is important to note that birds consume large numbers of bothersome and potentially dangerous insects, making the time you spend outside more pleasant. A single, mature tree will purify 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air you breathe each year, as well as block up to 50% of the noise from nearby streets, highways and neighbors. Trees also minimize storm damage and provide shade to the home, reducing energy demands, all from a professional landscape design.

Health, Wealth, And Happiness
Not only do homeowners garner environmental and financial gains by using a professional landscaping service, but they can also enjoy their property more. Imagine never having to mow the lawn or rake the leaves ever again. No more bagging leaves, pulling weeds or thatching the lawn. Instead, homeowners are free to entertain guests, host yard parties and allow their children to play in an environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. When your yard is improved by the efforts of a professional landscape designer, you will find you spend more time outside, out in the sun, breathing fresh air and getting more exercise. For more ideas, check out the services offered by this company –

Research has shown that people with natural surroundings, such as trees and flowers, experience far less job stress and that they experience more job satisfaction. Frustration, anger, headaches and other illnesses are reduced simply by being around beautiful plants.


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